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get food. it's not -- we're making it. >> have you eaten today, brianna? >> no. i ate an orange this morning. >> is there still food on board? i understand they said they had delivered food and now there was a generator so at least the heat was back? have things improved at all in the last six or ten hours? >> i don't know. i don't think we had heat. i don't think they had heat in there. i came from in there and they didn't have it on. it's cold today, but it has been hot the rest of the days. that's why we had to sleep in the hall ways. there has been no air to the inside cabins. i don't think there is heat on. >> seeing the shore, can you see land?
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>> i don't think so, but i don't want to move because i will lose service. >> all right. we just lost brianna. we will try to get her back. we want to continue our ongoing breaking news and coverage. brooke baldwin will take it from here. by air, land, and sea, we are covering the nightmare cruise ship. the news is now. murder on valentine's day. what happened in a model's final moments. before police say her olympic star boyfriend killed her? >> plus, a mega merger that impacts your plane tickets and options at the airport. an asteriod getting closer and closer to earth. even when it misses, will it disrupt your cell service?
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what a day. i'm brooke baldwin. in addition a developing story, watching this triumph going one mile an hour to get to mobile to get these people to their family to get them home, i want to let you know we are monitoring breaking news on capitol hill. a big story there involving the fate of chuck hagel. president obama's pick for defense secretary. we are now getting word of these back room negotiations, all in efforts to get this former senator confirmed. we will take you to washington. we will get to all of that. first let's get you back to the story you have seen developing all afternoon here exclusively on cnn. here are the pictures. this is the approach of the nate mare carnival cruise ship called triumph. live pictures as it is inching towards shore. four tugboats at one mile an
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hour. we continue to talk through this hour. if you have been with us, we have been covering this for the last couple of hours and we are seeing around this ship people have scrawled out messages on sheets, help us, signs, we saw the first glimpse of the passengers wearing these bathrobes because keep in mind they packed and they are inching along off the coast of cozumel. they are cold. now stories of mattresses soaked in sewage. they are sleeping on decks. here are the pictures. one by one by one under sheetinsheets. freedom within sight for the 4,000 people on board. here's what we are getting from carnival. they say this time has been fluid. it probably will continue to be. this cruise will dock sometime after 9:00 eastern. hit me one more time?
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we have a passenger on the cruise ship. julie morgan. are you with me? >> i am. >> let me ask you how you are doing. >> we are okay. our group is good. >> what do you mean good? where are you standing as we look at pictures of the cruise? >> i'm standing at the muster station on deck 4. >> i'm sorry, julie. i didn't hear the answer. we may have a surprise for you. can you reiterate that? >> it's ironic that i am standing on our muster station looking out over the life boats. >> the muster station over the life boats. i'm sure you would love to hop in and head towards your husband, tim who i guess is not too far waiting for you in mobile. i understand you all were supposed to finish the cruise five days ago. this fire broke out in the imagine room. what in the world have these last couple of days been like
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for you? >> it's been interesting. last sunday very early in the morning about 4:30, we could hear a bunch of commotion. we are on the first floor. just above the imagine. we could hear commotion and i ran to the door and opened it. there were crew in jump suits. some with tanks on their backs and some with life vests running up and down the halls. the far end of our hall was filled with smoke. after doing our muster practice, the thing they said is the worst thing that can happen on a cruise ship is fire. we all flipped out a bit and grabbed our vest and ran up to the muster station and we are standing where we belong. different members were telling us different things as far as where to go. some of us wanted to go to the interior ship which i was having none of. we ended up on the top deck of the ship where we slept for the past three nights until it
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rained and got cold and now we are sleeping in one of the dining rooms. >> you are sleeping in a dining room. how long have you been sleeping in the dining room? >> just last night we were sleeping under the sheets on one of the decks. >> me why. >> there is no ventilation on the first floor so it's very hot and extremely smelly. we have no toilets so things started to back up into the showers and because the ship is listing so badly, if we shower, all the water goes into our rooms. we don't really stay down there. we have luggage up on the beds to keep it dry. we have two rooms with our group. one of the other rooms got flooded and a lot of things were ruined. our room is okay and we have been getting in and out, but only going down to change clothes or grab a kind of of shower if we can. >> a kind of shower said julie morgan.
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i mentioned we have a surprise for you. your hubby, tim morgan is here. tim morgan, can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> tim, you know your wife, julie? >> julie, can you hear him? >> yes, i can hear you, honey. >> have a conversation live on cnn. i will butt out. >> how is mobile. i wish i was there. >> it's a little cold. we brought you jackets and some clean clothes so we figure it will be nice for to you get off the boat and see us. >> we are freezing. it's very cold. >> i'm glad you are okay and hopefully we will get you something to eat besides onion sandwiches. >> fried onion sandwiches and salmon sandwiches. i can do without those too. >> i can imagine. >> julie, i am curious beyond the onion sandwiches and your
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lovely bedroom and the dining room, how have you been filling your days? what are you doing to pass the time? >> you will laugh, but we spend the past two days charges our phones so we can have the opportunity to talk. the only time we get reception is if one of the other cruise ships comes close enough to us. we have been frantically charging and rigged charges stations from ship computers to try to -- i'm sure we are going to blow up the ship doing it. >> let's hope not. the end is in sight here. tell me more about the charges stations. whose idea was this and how did you pull it off? >> i'm not sure. some of us have surge protectors from behind the tvs and linked them together. we have pictures that maybe somebody will get to of hundreds of phones.
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we also figured out that those of us who have usb chargers can go from the actual computers that have usb ports. we are getting a computer trying to keep our things charged up. we could speak to loved ones when we needed to. most of us had no idea how we are getting home once we get off the ship. that's the one complaint i would have and it's not with the crew on the ship. the crew has been phenomenal. never a bad word. they have been working to the bone. they only get three hours of rest at a time and they have been working 24-hour shifts. all the complaints would be with the head office in miami. >> let me fill you in. we have been listening to the carnival end of things. let me tell you, sounds like two options. either you hop off and board a bus to new orleans. they have something like 1500 hotel rooms there, you spend the night and fly on a charter flight to houston or gal vis
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where the cruise originated or if you are in a time crunch, you hop from the cruise to the bus and drive directly there. those are the two scenarios described to me. i appreciate your enthusiasm and high spirits, but have you had moments in what i'm sure have been very long drawn out and smelly days. have you had any teary moments? >> yes, actually the first day that i was able to get through to tim i cried. one of my friends with me got through to her husband and cried too. out of fear and frustration. we didn't know what happened and if it would happen again. we were in the dark and that was very scary times. people are starting to lose it a little bit. tempers are flairing and people are being snippy starting midday yesterday through today.
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we would arriving at 9:00 on wednesday. arriving at noon on thursday. we are changing things so people are getting frustrated with that. >> let me take you back to the hygiene of all of this. the sheer fact that you can't stay in your original room because of the smell and the shower water and you are sleeping on the decks and the dining room and hearing stories of sewage-soaked mattresses. are you able to stay at all clean? >> let's just say i have a pair of shoes i will not be bringing home with me. they are full of sewage i'm sure and there floors like the carpeting and stair wells that are carpeted and they are saturated and it squishes up when you step on it. a little bit when the ship changes and the water flows back
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the other way. we are able to get a little bit, but we have no water or light down there. a few are holding flashlights so the others can see. semi clean, but constantly trying to wash our hands and sanitize so we don't get sick. the crew is cleaning and doing the best they can. >> can i ask you to describe the smell as best you can. >> i don't know that i can accurately describe it to you. it is revolting. it's a mixture of sewage and rotting food. depending on where you are in the ship and sometimes you think you found a non-smelly area and it will drift in. part of it is the toilet situation changes quickly. some will work and then they back up from floors below and it overflows. the crew is awesome and they are doing their best to keep up. i went to the bathroom earlier and there was one working toilet
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and this poor woman was in there for hours and continually dumps water to keep it flushing. >> you brought up food. i know you ran out of some of the meat and you wouldn't want to eat it now. what have you been eat something. >> lots of fruit and vegetables. when the coast guard on the sister ship came to drop food off, they actually just yesterday got one of the grills working by rigging some power from a generator that the coast guard dropped off. we were able to have grilled chicken. lots of fruit. it's not that they are not feeding us. people's complaints is it's not things you would necessarily choose to eat. we are not hungry. they ran out of cereal and dry goods, but a lot of that is people are acting ridiculous. recording food and taking 10 and 20 of things and it goes to
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waste. we take what we need and it's not that we have gone hungry at all. we are doing fine. if everybody would do the same, everybody would be fine. >> that's what i heard. i talked to different passengers and they are frustrated that there is not more of a ragging syst rationing system. >> the crew caught on too late. they started that yesterday and that made things run smoother. >> what's the worst example of anger you have seen whether it's food or something else. >> i haven't seen about foot, but the flip flopping of information. the things you said about the two choices. we were told that, but given departure information, it was all wrong. people for the most part have been helpful sharing information back and forth. i heard this or you need to go here and do that. a friend and i, the who was here celebrating were trying to
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impart information who used foul language at us lost her mind. we are all in the same boat. even the crew. they didn't ask for this and likely not their fault that this is the way it is. >> 1086 crew members and 3,143 passengers on board. tim, happy valentine's day to you two. what's your plan. >> this is one for the books. >> what's your plan when you see your wife? >> i'm going to give her a big hug. she has been through quite a bit and i think the next step would be to get her a proper shower and get her some food. i don't want her on that bus to new orleans. we are going to try to put her up here in mobile and get her to relax and get her land legs back after being that long on a boat. >> that's sweet of you to hug her and have her take a shower. i want to ask you to stand by and bring in the weather
11:16 am
man-cruise tracker, chad meyers. here are live pictures and i'm sure julie is listening. how far out is it? >> about 39 miles from the dock. i know they can see the shore. this is dauphin island. that's not where the ship will dock. there is another 30 miles of travel to get to the port of mobile. >> at one mile an hour. >> it will go faster than that. they are at one mile an hour right now because they are positioning the ship to get it in the channel. only 400 yards wide. you don't want it to go in sideways. they have to go in nose first. that's why the ship is slowed down. then it has to turn to the left and then to the right and then keep going straight, hope there
11:17 am
is no wind and it turns left again and heads up into mobile harbor. >> all the while as we are looking at the zigzags, this thing has no steering whatsoever. explain to me the role of these different tugboats and what we see. >> the resolve pioneer is in front pulling in a forward direction. at least most of the time. during the night last night or the night before, the wind was so strong it couldn't make much way and get headway because it was blowing backwards. this can only do about 14 to 16 mile per hour full throttle by itself. you are a ship so much larger than you are. it almost didn't have a chance. now it's close and getting there. the issue is it's going to get dark. >> and colder. >> they don't want to put this thing in the channel in the middle of the night.
11:18 am
>> they wouldn't keep it out there. >> they make sure it gets in tonight and read the shipping manuals. don't move big ships at night. we will see who wins that fight. maybe it's already decided. i am saying what's what the typical bay is. they don't like to move big things through that channel. 30 miles long at night. especially with no power. >> don't go too far. i want to thank our guest, julie morgan who was gracious enough to talk to me for the last 15 minutes on board this ship and her husband tim who is waiting for her arrival on the shores in mobile. a lot more as we cover life pictures of this carnival cruise triumph supposed to be in cozumel. they are supposed to be home by now. we are watching this head back to port and another passenger have a surprise reunion live on the show after this break. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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call... and lock in your rate for 12 months today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> looking at this ship makes its way and we can see land. tauntingly close where this thing is supposed to dock hours from now. it could be just late this evening. we want to go to mobile and martin savage has been in the thick of families and helping us
11:22 am
talk to husbands and wives. set the scene. how many people are there at the moment? i can't hear him. >> he arrived with his friend there two or three hours. they anticipate the ship's arrival and many of them have driven to great distances. others come from kentucky. they feel i have to be here as a husband or a father ors a wife coming through.
11:23 am
like so many of the family members, we can't wait. an area has been set aside and talking on the phone. letting them know in some cases what they heard from the media. it's a long drawn out waiting game, but most are in good spirits. some have complaints and most is about the transportation, but they heard from family members as they get closer to shore. the days when they heard nothing because they were only imagining the horrors that the families were going through and the rumors that were circulating and they know they are okay and soon they will be standing onshore. a lot of smiling faces. they were talking about the frustration and once she is off this cruise and i'm curious
11:24 am
carnival was there in mobile. the ceo of carnival and photographs taken of him i think it's tuesday night is he in mobile yet? >> we don't know. >> i have been told there is a carnival crisis team. we know there is a lot of over 1,000 crew members. they will be housed here in mobile. they are there or also get on
11:25 am
buses and begin to head to the final destinations. then the aircraft have been chartered and they will go to new orleans. they want to be reunite and get their loved one in their arms. a lot of them seem to be saying we don't want to put them through that. we top the get them into a shower and get a hot meal. it is valentine's day and the romance is blooming as well. >> happy valentine's day who are on or off board on the ship. i wanted to point out one tweet. we have been watching the carnival cruise line twitter.
11:26 am
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. . >> jay, first question and i tell you i tweet and everyone is asking the same question which is if these people have been on this boat for five extra days, why not bring in other ships? get them out before now? >> it's all about passenger safety. we have seen images of the smaller boats up next against the triumph.
11:30 am
you need to get on a later from there and sending your 3-year-old child or elderly person on a rope ladder to get there. it wouldn't work. putting a gang way between this fory and the cruise ship. now a small boat with the stationary boat. that could be just a disaster. >> it's a rock in a hard place. >> it's all about the images and the conversations with the passengers. the other thing here, the flip side is the crew members. they are living in the same conditions. in my book, the truth about cruise ships, i talk about how the crew had a lower standard of living. the rooms are smaller and the food is different and a lot less privileges. sometimes they can't go out on the decks unless they are
11:31 am
working. in this case everyone is having a terrible time. not only are they living in the conditions b they are working and probably working double shifts on top of their already long 12 to 14 hour days. >> let me ask you this. what do do you when it's docked and you turn it around? it's disgusting right now. >> we heard they have taken it out of 12 cruises to repair the engines and probably to disinfect and clean. we may have carpets replace and who knows the extent of the damage. it's a real mess out there.
11:32 am
i appreciate you talking to me about this. live coverage of the cruise heading from mobile to their loved ones and finally over the next hour and a half. a beautiful young model dead. an olympic athlete inspired millions around the world and charged with her murder. accused is oscar pistorius known as the blade runner. he ran on carbon fiber blades and the victim was his girlfriend. a model and law school graduate who recently appeared on the cover of the magazine. she was very much so looking forward to today to valentine's day. it's a beautiful day.
11:33 am
here is another one that sounds amazing. wow! it should be a day for everyone. her body was found this morning in pistorius's upscale home in south africa. she had been shot. >> she was in there and can you confirm that? per it's a shock for fans worldwide. they are seen as this humble hero. a likeable guy featured in people's magazine's sexiest man alive issue. >> piers morgan. >> the first time was really
11:34 am
special. i hadn't seen them in months. >> she was crying and had a flag and just to see them, i knew the nike i am a bullet ad pulled from the website just this morning. if you happen to fly american airlines or us airways, change is coming. the two are merging into the world's biggest airline. their combined customers tens of millions of flyers might to make adjustments. al is with me from new york and the first question is what does it mean for you and me? when will the fares go up? >> if you are looking to book a
11:35 am
flight on any airline, you won't just see this merger that was announced today. most are saying no, you won't see fares go up. they are saying that mergers don't cause the fare hikes. they are up less than inflation despite a surge in mergers. over the last 30 year, if you look back, fares are weighed down and it's hard to believe. if you are buying the fares and it feels like you are paying an arm and a leg. here's a reason to believe that fares will stay in check. very little overlap between us airways and american airlines. you will notice there very few hubs and comments. that can keep prices from
11:36 am
spiking as well. >> that means two sets of frequent flyer miles. what happened to those? >> you probably won't lose miles. what may happen is the combined airline between american and us airways, what they may do is change the standards of how much you get for the miles. some of the benefits of the programs are likely to change. to give you an example, the dividend miles members are able to use reward miles. they will lose the benefits. they said it's a good idea to use your miles now. you can get more out of them. historically it can be tougher to book those rewards flights. try to stay away from the
11:37 am
blackout dates and book your flight. >> we will continue covering this, pick your adjective. revolting, putrid conditions. back to mobile and back to shore connecting the loved ones with their other halves. is the apology and the money going to be good enough? what are passengers saying? ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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this carnival cruise from one of the coastal islands off alabama in which the cruise is heading fors port. a lot of family members are eagerly a wading their loved ones' return. it broke out on sunday and the cruise was supposed to head to cozumel and head home monday instead.
11:41 am
she is aboard. kimberly? >> hello. >> the crew has been wonderful and we are ready to get off of this boat. >> really? >> i can't wait to see my family again. i can't wait. we are very excited. >> i'm glad. i talked to another passenger and she felt the same. does it feel like the end is near? can you see land at this point? >> we can see land. i think it's land.
11:42 am
it has been good and bad here. passengers have been wonderful. >> you mentioned the southbound signals and how the heck can you call in? there have been makeshift cell charging stations. taking turns and charging your cell phones. >> yes, everybody is plugging in and the people that were smart enough to bring extension cords and things and donated them and you probably always have them out. 100 cell phones being charged at once. >> what has the lowest moment for you been? >> the lowest point for me is actually waking up and seeing the smoke and glow from the
11:43 am
fire. that was very, very frightening to me. and the hours after that until we knew we were safe. >> how was i? >> how fearful. >> i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you. >> how afraid were you when you saw the smoke? >> i was very afraid. just the day before in the muster drill they stressed over and over that fire was our greatest danger on board the ship. so i was very frightened. we kept calm and waited. and very, very lucky that they were able to get the fire out. >> i hope to at least brighten your afternoon a little bit. i understand we have your son on the phone. nick, can you hear me?
11:44 am
>> nick? >> i understand you guys haven't spoken. go ahead. talk. >> nick, how are you, honey? i'm okay. i'm so glad to hear your voice. what? >> we were here talking to you. >> i know, honey. i have done nothing but look at pictures of you on my phone and the rest of the family and wish i could see you. i'm so happy to be talking to you. i knew you would be trying to get mama help and off the ship. >> absolutely. >> i love you and hopefully i will be home in a day or two. >> okay. >> do you have any questions for mom? >> do you know what time you will be getting off the ship or what's the status of that? >> we had a problem just a few minutes ago, a tug has broken
11:45 am
down. that's going to delay us more. i'm thinking maybe not today. maybe tonight. >> what about the other people you were telling me about on the lower floors? has their morale gotten better? >> the people who had to spend most of the time outside have not had it as good as me. their morale is okay, but the small children on board and babies, elderly people that i'm worried about because we had to stand in line for food over an hour a lot of times. i'm hoping that people take care of them getting them food. of course the situation with the plumbing being not good. the crew has been wonderful. cooperate have asked for nicer crew members and helpful at all
11:46 am
times. they are in a bad situation. >> i would love to ask a question. >> honey, i love you and i'm so glad -- tell the family i love them and will see them soon. >> okay. love you too. >> love you too. okay, brooke. >> thank you, nick, for calling in. here's my question. you brought up the point about how other people had it worse than you and people are sleeping and i don't know if they dragged out the mattresses and they are in ropes and had the sheets outside. why are they outside? were they on the lower floors? >> the lower floors were without electricity. very, very dark down there. you can't really see. many people did not think to bring flashlights with them. also with the san station issues, the commodes would not flush so you had the smell being very bad and that type of thing.
11:47 am
there is no air circulating down there and they had to move to the outside deck. >> i'm going to let you go, but you were aboard this cruise. what's the first thing you do when you get to dry land? >> i hope i can just get on the bus and head home to houston. that's the first thing i will do is look for a bus to get me home. >> our best to you from all of us here at cnn. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >>. >> so glad you can be connected to your son. >> that was wonderful. thank you. >> this nightmare cruise and first, i want to move on to breaking news on capitol hill with president obama's pick for secretary of defense. his potential confirmation is hanging in the balance. that's next. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here
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back to breaking news as the vote is likely today for the pick for defense secretary. as you know, the fate has been basically hanging in the balance for chuck hagel. let me bring in the chief correspondent with news she is now getting. fill me in. >> we wanted earlier this afternoon that sources told us there were talking about a compromise that would allow a vote after the glass is falling apart. this is an attempt to vote today to stop the filibuster that would require 60 votes and koorthd to many republican senators who we have spoken to in the hall ways, it is all but certain to fail. these republicans say they are expected to allow the nomination and confirmation to go through after the senate goes to recess in a week. the reason they say is because
11:52 am
they say the white house is rushing the nomination and there questions about a nominee and two days after they came out of the armed services committee is too fast. on the flip side, democrats see this as an opportunity to make the point that republicans are obstructing and trying to block a very important cabinet post meaning the secretary of defense. that is the current state of play. the big picture is looks like chuck hagel will be confirmed, but in the short-term they will see skirmishes and efforts to block him. >> fireworks on capitol hill. we will be watching. thank you. on the hagel vote, we will take you back to the carnival cruise line. we have news as we reported a little while ago. carnival saying they are broken. the question that happened about 50 minutes ago.
11:53 am
what does it mean for the folks? does that mean additional time as they get a replacement before they come home? we will talk about that, next. tens of thousands of dollarse in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! seriously? seriously. you don't believe it? search it. "401(k) hidden fees." then go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. we have every type of retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. why? because we're not your typical wall street firm that's why. so you keep more of your money. e-trade. less for us. more for you. constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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as if these passengers needed worse news, we have learned that the tug line has broken. chad meyers, this means there is no one at the moment bringing the ship in. >> there tugs keeping it stable, but nothing getting it closer. there is not a line on the boat to another kug boat towing it closer. they want to lineup with the buoys and go straight into mobile harbor. it will start to get dark here. will the ship make it tonight or will they have to delay it until tomorrow? we don't know, but it's a possibility when they don't have it hooked up yet. they can do it, but it may take time. they don't know how and where the line broke, but we know the line has been attached for a couple of days now as this thing
11:57 am
has been towed through the middle of the gulf of mexico as it started to make the turn and enough stress and strain on that line and the line did stretch and snap. there is the boat right now. the ship was going to get into that channel and the markers and the line snap and it drifts to the bottom and the right. it's the drift in the current and the wind coming offshore. >> a lot of people say okay, grab these people on life boats and et cetera, but from what i heard these folks who have been on cruises is like it's too dangerous of an option. you have to wait and be patient. >> i have taken 25 cruises. you can put people in a tender and take them to shore to a shore excursion if the water is safe. the pilots and the captains do not believe that the water is
11:58 am
calm enough for a small little 30 or 40 foot boat. it stays stable and if they think they will put passengers in any danger by getting them off, they will keep them on. >> we will continue following this. don't go too far. more breaking news from the sea as this cruise ship goes back towards mobile after this. searching for a bank designed for investors like you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 schwab bank was built with all the value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 investors want. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like no atm fees, worldwide. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and no nuisance fees. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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12:01 pm
. >> per breaking news. we are covering this carnival cruise called triumph as it is heading slowly but surely 39ish miles out here from mobile from this port. you have 3,143 persons and 1,000 plus crew members on this boat five extra days. these are the pictures we have been able too get because the helicopters are circling earlier today. watch with me. you will see those sheets. people have been sending messages on bedsheets off this cruise. people have been wearing bathrobes. are packing for cozumel and you are out in open air towards alabama. the stretch so horrendous and people sleeping on the decks because the people in the bottom floor staterooms can't stand the smell. these are all the things happening.
12:02 pm
the tug line has broken to the cruise ship. there is no forward propulsion at the moment. they are working to get that fix and that could add another mull pell hours before these good people get to mobile. a couple of people i want to talk to. martin, set the scene for us. >> we are headingto the final destination before it docks before the day ends and where family members have come. this is one of the family members who are coming. so many people have been. >> six hours is out of four more
12:03 pm
hours. tell us who is there. >> my mom and dad and brother and sister. >> how are they doing? >> my grandmother has been keeping in touch with them and they are frustrated and ready to get home and hungry. they are hungry. >> what's the faamly going to do when they get all together? >> that's all they want is a hot meal. >> you made a long drive, a to six hour drive to be here early this morning. >> yes, sir. >> what is the waiting like to be hearing that the ship is inching this way? >> very nerve racking. i want them to be back and ready for them to be home. tired of waiting. >> you have a good evening temper but he is more than
12:04 pm
aggravated. he is ready to be back and getting fed up with everything. >> what are they describing from the boat today? >> they got a hot meal for breakfast this morning and they are trying to clean up a little bit for the first time. he is mad about that because he thinks nobody else sees how dirty it was. >> he thinks that somehow they are trying to make the ship better than it was? >> she pretty aggravated. >> was this a family get away? this was supposed to be a nice vacation. they are hardly wrong. >> my little brother and sister's first cruise. they probably won't go on another cruise after this. >> thank you very much. for a lot of these families, they are gathering and know the hours they are counting down. they have had no sign of the ship. the only way they watch is when we show them from the ariels and from the long lens looking from
12:05 pm
dauphin island. they may get a glimpse of someone they think they know. we are the only link between the cell phone and the cruise ship longing to be back together. >> they are this accidental conduit and loved ones there on land through the country. thank you very much. i want to bring in bethany, one of the persons on the ship. >> bethany, we have been talking to your husband quite a bit this week. your husband brent. forgive me for being the bearer of bad news. have you heard about the hug line breaking? have you been told? >> i didn't know about that. is that why they are moving so slow? >> this tug line has broken and you all at this moment are not being pulled along. carnival according to their
12:06 pm
twitter page are working on replacing them, but it may take a couple more hours. >> they said we were delayed, but we didn't know why. they said between 8:00 and 11:30 tonight. >> that's the why. it's the tug line. beyond this news that i'm breaking to you, how are you doing? >> we have been trying to keep in good spirits. we had our breaking moments and panic attacks, but it is what it is. you can't change the situation. you have been trying to see and we are holding up. >> i appreciate the enthusiasm and positivity to you and the others i have talked to. i hear the crew members have done an amazing job. when you talk about breaking
12:07 pm
moments, what was breaking moment number one for you these past five days? >> knowing there was a fire aboard. they take you to your muster station and say the worst thing that can happen on a cruise ship is a fire and you get woken up at 5:30 in the morning and saying we have a situation and we learn it was a fire. you can see the smoke from our balcony. we knew it was a fire. there was a panic and the power was another breaking moment. then the boat leaning as much as it did, we thought it was going to fall over. i was having a panic attack. >> what did it feel like? definitely walking sideways and you feel like you can fall over at any time. i cried. i was so worried. i asked the crew workers are you
12:08 pm
sure this is okay, they said yeah, it's just the wind. it really felt like it was about to fall over. >> i had someone on the line who may lift your spirits even more. your husband. can you hear me? >> i can hear you. >> i will let you chat and butt out for a minute. please talk. >> i can't wait to get off this boat. >> what are you doing? >> i'm standing on the golf course because it's warmer up here and i don't know, just trying to pass the time to get off and they told us the tug line broke and didn't know that. >> we are seeing the tug line over the news. looking at the tv and just barely talking about it. >> there have been more tugboat here now than the two trip.
12:09 pm
it's a lot. i'm just ready to get off. you already packed up? >> yeah, we packed up yesterday when they said we were coming into the port today. they said get off the floor because it had urine on it and we had to do it during the day when there is light. it's pitch black at night. waiting two hours in line to charge the cell phones. then we wait four hours in line to eat. i want a hot meal. i want ice. i really want ice. and i want the ground. just tired of seeing water. >> let me jump in because if you can hang tight with me, i have chad meyers, our meteorologist
12:10 pm
who has been tracking the cruise. we broke the line that the tug line is broken. i hear you have more bad news. >> it appears this boat is pointed to the right. that's a live picture on the left showing the ship. there is the smoke stack that looks like the carnival tail. the stern is to the left and every time that we look at the camera, had t has to keep panning to the left because the boat is backing up. even though the stern is facing the left, that's the way the boat is going. i'm sure that all of these tugboats they are talking about is keeping the boat fairly stable at least in one direction, but the current is pushing it away from shore. they are not getting closer. they are getting further away. >> had you heard that before? >> um no. i don't top the get further away. i want to get off. >> they are they making
12:11 pm
announcements? what kind of communications are you getting in the last hour or hour and a half? >> just about how we need to go through customs and if you want to change flight arrangements and things and they told us that the currents were keeping us from going as fast as we could and we would be delayed from between 8 and 11:30 tonight instead of 4:00 to 6:00. every time they come on it's something different and something delaying us even more. >> i heard a lot of frustration with some of the lack of communication although a lot of people are praising the crew on board. i'm sitting next to the chief correspondent, sanjay gupta. i heard more and more people coughing on board and raw sewage and soaking mattresses. have you heard more coughing lately? >> i have heard a couple of people down the hall way coughing a lot more and we have
12:12 pm
been coughing a lot more. we wake up with sore throats and stuffy noses. we attribute it to sleeping with the balcony open because that's the only airflow we have in our room. we try to stay on the lido deck. there were mattresses and sheets everywhere. they have been trying to clean up. >> hold tight with me. what do you make of that waking up with sore throats. >> it is probably exactly what she is saying, more due to the exposure to the salt air is much more continuously even at night. you always think about the diseases, but you find it as disgusting as the conditions are being described, it doesn't typically lead to infectious diseases. you want to have water which they have, although it's not cold and refrigeration and obviously food.
12:13 pm
you remember katrina? very unhygienic for a long period of time. there is usually not the bacteria and the fecal material. that's not how they are. it's a collective misery and i'm sure it smells terrible. from a health perspective alone, it helps. you able to wash your hands at least? >> yes, i have been using body wash and we keep our hands washed and we have been using happened sanitizer repeatedly. we don't touch the hand rails. we don't want to touch anything. i have watched the way the boat
12:14 pm
has been and it's been -- >> sanjay, do you want to jump in? >> if you can hear us, it's sanjay gupta. are there medical personnel around? anybody who has become quite ill and have there been medical personnel around to help? >> there people going to the infirmary, but i don't know what for. they have been discussing it, but we don't really go and see what's going on. we kind of keep ourselves to stay health tow get off the boat. >> okay. i thank you for calling in. thank you for calling in. i wish you a happy reunion whenever that happens. i thank you both. what a valentine's day for a lot of these couples who are waiting
12:15 pm
for the reunion. i know some of you have been talking to the persons on board and a lot of people are describing the conditions and it's difficult beyond this helicopter that we had flying around this ship. we have not been able to see the evidence of these conditions. i am hearing someone else calling in and we have proof of the conditions inside the triumph. that is next. and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix
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12:18 pm
. this carnival cruise triumph heading slowly towards mobile. this is from dauphin islands off alabama on the right hand side. we are looking at this for the first time. this is one of the first of many pictures we will get in here at cnn of inside the ship. as we are looking at this, it looks like a hall way with i don't know if that's mud or what that is on the right side of the
12:19 pm
tiling. this is from one of the passengers who sent us this photo. we have darrell malone on the phone with me now. he is a student at texas a&m and hoping for a good time on this cruise. instead he is hanging out at sea. can you hear me? >> i can hear you now. they are going to announce -- >> i want to pause so you can hear and me what they were saying. what was the announcement? >> they are telling us to go inside and not look overboard at the tow line that snapped. nobody is moving. everybody is still on the deck. >> everybody is still outside. they want the fresh air. >> everybody is just tired.
12:20 pm
>> that's right. we were just reporting that is snap. i was talking to a passenger who had not broken the news. it was part of that announcement and transparency. they told that tow line snapped? >> they just now told us. now we are waiting to go through customs and everything. i felt like it was like a whip in the water. the rope and the thing that the rope was attached to. i'm drifting back now. it looks like it's in the water and the rope was tight and just that loose place. it's like a whip. >> sure. darrell, i talked to so many
12:21 pm
different people and everyone said the same thing when i ask you what the lowest point was, everyone said seeing the smoke from the fire on sunday from that engine room. beyond the smoke on board this cruise, what has been the most tenuous and difficult moment for you these last five days? >> it would have to be using the restroom. they say we have plumbing, but it's shut down. if you are on the side of the ship, all of your toilets and the feces came out of the toilet into your room. they gave us red bags, hazardous waste to use the restroom is in. what kind of stuff is this? after a while, you have no choice. they only have them open, but everything is not flushing.
12:22 pm
>> we all feel for you and i'm getting some news as we are finally getting the first photographs from inside the cruise. you talk about using the restroom. here we go. we areare looking at one of thed bags to use the restroom. are you still using the red bags? >> some people are and some people are waiting in the line. they have some bags, but i was talking to the ship and a little girl was i need a red bag. i got that bad. >> people are sharing red bags? >> i guess so. you can use it and you can have it. >> oh, my goodness. i want to ask you about that. we have to sneak a break in. hang tight on the phone.
12:23 pm
clark howard is here. obviously the question is what can these people do in terms of if you want to be letigious. borrowing red bags? we have a lot to talk about. quick break. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
12:24 pm
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12:26 pm
. >> where did we leave off? the red bags. 39 mile away from mobile inching slowly towards that port. because the sewage system has been kaput. for lack of a better word. we just heard darrell on the phone from texas a&m saying they are sharing the red bags. sanjay gupta? >> what do you say about that? it's disgusting, no question. the question a lot of people are trying to figure out from a health standpoint, are they likely to walk off the boat and
12:27 pm
be sick as a result of what happened? as surprising as it may be, the chances are not. in a lot of these sbags and disasters, but the outbreaks. this is great, but even when you talk about fecal material, they typically don't carry a lot of disease-causing bacteria that we worry about. >> donna, thank you so much for giving us these pictures. this is an idea of the close quarters that these people are sleeping in. these are the first photos as a lot of these people because of the smell and the shower water and the sewage, et cetera, they are sleeping here. >> the close quarters are more of a concern. if you have anybody who is sick, many people are likely to get sick as a result. that's the case really under any situation.
12:28 pm
you worry about dehydration. having food and those things are trumping. the alcohol-based hand sanitizers and sometimes people are more diligent because they are experiencing it. hopefully they can keep infectious disease under control. >> clark howard, money expert, we are talking about the break. let me ask you again. if you are getting off with the conditions we have been hearing, what do you think? we think carnival. this is horendous. >> no way. >> it's all the cruise lines have contracts that limit what recourse you have. carnival's contract deals with the mental anguish that people may have after this experience. you have no rights for anything related to psychological damage.
12:29 pm
they are very thorough at saying they are not responsible for anything. there lawyers who specialize in cruise law. they're going to be testing. >> cruise law. >> lawyers that specialize in maritime law who will be testing the limits of what the courts will permit for legal actions following this. the most important valuable thing is what we are doing right now. carnival is getting a special they don't want. what they will do for people is much more than they are required to do. giving people money back and the other cruise who will take that $500, these things are not what they are required to do, but the publicity is why they are doing it. >> i want to bring in donna gutsman who has been amazing. these are the first pictures we have had from inside this cruise ship. i don't know if you are listening to the last couple of minutes of our conversation. were you aware before you took
12:30 pm
this lovely cruise to what should have been the yucatan peninsula of mexico that there was fine print that everyone signed saying i won't sue. >> no, i'm not aware of that. honestly, i came on this cruise myself and i haven't signed anything until i came aboard and i don't remember seeing any of that as far as the liability of the cruise. i'm sure they can can be responsible for the sewer, the raw sewer and their employees will be having to pick the bags up from outside of our doors. as far as fine print, i'm sure there is going to be lots of class action people that are --
12:31 pm
attorneys are going to come out of the woodworks to get everyone what they can. there a lot of people in a lot of distress. you have the ones that are really suffering and the ones that are going to get what they can get out of it. i honestly just want people to understand how we were treated. up until the coast guard arrive, this ship was a wreck. it was disgusting. we were all sleeping on the floor with feces anywhere. we were walking through urine. -- >> let me jump in. this is good news for you and i know the announcement came on board the loudspeaker a couple of minutes ago about the broken tug line. the good news for you is that the tug line has been replaced and you should be moving forward closer and closer towards mobile. clark howard here who has been
12:32 pm
covering the travel industry for years and knows about mental distress has a question for you. >> we have been talking about it here. one of the things here being offered when you hit shore is you are offered a free future cruise. a free future cruise. what are the odds you want to take a cruise in the future? >> i'm not interested. not with carnival. not knowing this ship had problems and they shipped us out anyway. i'm not going to choose carnival again, that's for sure. >> but you would go on another cruise? you love cruising or whatever? >> i'm not sure at this point. i'm still in distress. i'm shaken up. i haven't made it home yet so i don't know that i would cruise again at all. i can't give an answer right now because my emotions are height right now. >> got it. >> sanjay, you want to ask her about the conditions on the ship? >> when we are talking about --
12:33 pm
is sounds disgusting what is being described there. just in terms of the smell and where you are having to sleep. have you seen people getting sick and i don't know a tactful way of asking this. >> here's the thing, if someone gets sick they take them down to the medical part of the ship. i don't see people getting sick. we had people falling and slipping and things of that nature. we don't have people on the ship vomiting and bad cases of diarrhea and all that, that i can see. i don't think anyone is worried about us getting sick at this point. right now the situation is that we just have been living in that. if we are going to get sick, i don't know when it's going to happen. that will be something that you will have to go to your doctor and be checked out and see if anything happened.
12:34 pm
right now we are all for the most part still healthy. >> thank goodness. >> i wanted to ask you because it's cold where you are, right? i know a lot of people are wearing the bathrobes. a lot of people didn't pack winter clothes. how are people keeping warm? >> it was cold and we were staying in our robes. now the sun came out and it's warmer. we are not all wearing the robes anymore. the temperature is not bad anymore. >> okay. this is all because of this fire that broke out in the engine room on sunday. you were supposed to finish with the cruise on monday and here we are on thursday and you are still trying to figure out when you will get into mobile. from what i have been told and i want to ask you about the options you have being bused from mobile to new orleans and spending the night in new orleans and hopping a charter flight back to houston and
12:35 pm
galveston or direction le to texas. what have you been told and what's your plan? >> there is someone waiting for me when i get this. i didn't look at all the other options. when you get over here, they will be getting people from mobile to new orleans and from new orleans or mobile into houston. >> you can forego either of those options. >> having covered similar situations in the past and you find these can bring out the worst in people and the situations can bring out the best in people, i wonder what's the interaction like? >> everybody is sticking together. we are lending flashlights when
12:36 pm
we can and helping the elderly up and down the stairs and helping the children. last night they ran out of baby food and formula so customer service asked if you had any extra to bring it down. everyone is sticking together. everyone seems calm. i personally haven't seen violence or bad attitudes. everything right now is excited that we can see land. so far the morale has been great. i went to a bible study last night and everyone there seemed like they were in good spirits and felt like god was here to protect us and do his job. everyone has their mind set that we will make it home okay and we are at peace. i know it's hard to understand, but we are comfortable right now. for the most part we have been fed. even if it was a cucumber sandwich and we have plenty to drink. our major needs have been met.
12:37 pm
we have water and they are bringing out soda. for the most part they are keeping us happy. as i heard earlier, they are serving lobster and steak now. i don't know why now, but we have been eating all this crap food. i was told when the coast guard got here, they got on the vip and i went this is the same ship? where did it all go? >> you are saying that the ceo of carnival was part of what was on that ship? i missed that. >> when they came on, they also had people to look at the ship. i can you that all the chairs
12:38 pm
were lined back up and all the she'ds. and we have been stuck out here and getting closer to the media and closer to shore, we are getting steak and lobster. our toilets are flushing now and all the water standing in the dining room have been mopped up. >> i have not heard that. we will work to confirm what you are saying. you are making me hungry talking about it. thank you and thank you so much for providing us some of these first pictures of the sleeping conditions and the bags in the hall ways. we have been talking about it for days.
12:39 pm
they are sitting here with me. we are being told there will be a conference here in mobile as we await officials giving an update on the arrival time for the ship and the good news on the fact that they have been replacing headed to mobile. breaking news continues after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
12:40 pm
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12:42 pm
>> mar breaking news here on this carnival line heading towards shore. it's a flute situation in a matter of hours. the pictures on the right taking this news conference which we will have local officials and will be speaking will an official speak as well. we don't know. we will find out with the rest of everyone else. i want to bring chad meyers back in because we have been reporting on the tug line. thank goodness we have been having all these people on the cruise. it has been replaced. what does that mean? >> look at the marker between you and me and the boat. that is a marker that we know is just not moving.
12:43 pm
it's into the ground. the ship behind it is traveling from right to left going down the correct lane for a change. not backing up. obviously hooked back up to some tugboat after at least an hour or hour and a half of drifting when the tug line did break. >> again, our point depending on the evening hours and folks in mobile saying typically they do not allow ships in at night? >> yes and so far it's heading up the channel. it looks like it's getting right there. let's show you what the travel looks like. not that one. let's go to that and show you what's going on. we think that's the one. they will go in the right direction and we are fining them, but look how far they have to go. 38 more miles being towed by a
12:44 pm
tugboat and they have to make a jog to the left and the right. that was only 400 feet wide. there is not a lot of room for error. you are on ground. they don't want that. they have tugboats along this ship as they keep it in the channel keeping it perfectly along the center line. now i think they feel that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. this is going in the right direction and we had a tough times with wind and with currents early in the day. we break a line from the tow boat up here and the tugboat to the ship. that's now fixed. we are going in the right direction. i think it's a matter of time as long as they allow this ship to come in at night. we are only a couple of hours
12:45 pm
away. >> on board a boat close to this cruise. we are looking for victor's picture. are you with me? >> we wanted to get the audio. our go to pr guy, are you with me? >> hopefully. this is talk about a pr nightmare. what in the world do you do if you are carnival? >> it's amazing. if you look at the difference, a lot of people don't know this. they have the subsidiary that owns the costa concordia that capsized in italy about a year and a half ago. it's out there and you can see it on google maps. when it capsized, part of it came out and people said are you
12:46 pm
insane? they said we accept responsibility and the ceo this morning was downright contrite. that was his emotion going on. the biggest problem they have to deal with in pr is what you are showing everyone passenger is in cell phone range. within the next hour to two hours to three hours, anyone on that ship, you are looking at facebook and twitter posts and pinterest posts and instagram being hash tagged like cruise from hell or carnival hell or non-carnival or something like that. they have nothing to stop this. if they are smart, they will get out there and accept responsibility for this and saying this was mishandled. at the end of the day, no one died yet. that's number one. number two, you have to prepare for these things. when you get on the plane, you sign that form and buy that
12:47 pm
ticket. there is a possibility that that plane will go down. these are electronics and machines. machines break. from what we heard, the crew is miraculous and have been coming together. according to liberty travel, cruise bookings are actually up in single digits this week and more specifically people want to be on this boat. they want to be on the maiden voyage because they figure everyone will treat them like royalty. >> that are is incredible. i have more questions for you and i am told they are back with me. me what you see.
12:48 pm
they are entering this channel and our original plan was to wait at the edge of the bay as it came into the bay and eight miles from where the ship is now, inching along for hour after hour. we're now at the hart of the shipping channel and there is tension back through the line. it is moving again and we have information about what chad was discussing a moment ago about if this ship will be allowed to make it into port before sundown. the port manager told us that if it makes it to the path between dauphin island and ft. morgan,
12:49 pm
if it makes it by 6:00 p.m. local, it will be allowed to continue. moving along it's eight mile that is it has to go. it will very well make that if there is no problem with this line and continuing to move it. i can say that while they were out there waiting for the repair, they did a 180. they were looking at the starboard side. they had to get back in line. they are moving into the right direction and we have been given hour after hour to come out several miles to meet it. this is the closest they will be allowed to the ship.
12:50 pm
>> i don't know how wide your shot is, it's a green mark they're has to be on that port side. that's the edge of the channel. >> 500 feet away. my thanks to you. this thing has flipped around and the good news, it's headed in the right trajectory. this boat is now going seven miles per hour and that is say good sign. faster than what it was before. we have a quick break and talk more about the direction of the
12:51 pm
ship and how fast it's going. what happens to this boat next. that's next. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, all right that's a fifth-floor probleok.. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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then you're going to love this. right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. just about 30, 35 miles off coast here, this carnival cruise
12:54 pm
can line is finally heading 7 miles per hour towards mobile. ed a to that 1,000 plus cruise members. chad, we're about to talk to a passenger on board this cruise who has sent this video. the thing is, peter shankman was making this point. the cell service is improving, be people are able -- they have made these makeshift cell chargers to people are able to juice up their phones and now the stories and the video is beginning to come out. darren -- excuse me. darryl malone, he's a student at texas a&m. he's now back on the phone with me. so darryl, let's do this together. let's look at this video together. i understand you sent us two different clips. guys, let's play the first one from what i understand is the sewage. we are being looking at live pictures of the cruise ship. >> okay.
12:55 pm
here it is. where is this? tell me where this is. >> this is on the fifth floor, like heading towards the casino, towards the casino and towards the casino bar. and what happened was, i was just up one night, just walking around, you know, because it's the same thing every day and i went upstairs and i started hearing like -- i seen water coming down the walls and coming up through the tiles and coming into the carpet, making it real like darker looking color. i was like, what is that, you know? and i could start to smell it and it smelled like -- i want to say sewage, you know, because that's how you ex be plain it because it was -- i guess it was leaking -- it was leaking from the top to the bottom down the ship and it got really bad and it went into the elevator and it started dripping. it sounded like it was raining in the elevator. and i was right below that on the fourth floor in the
12:56 pm
breezeway because the rooms are behind and everything. >> it sounded like it was raining. it was raining sewage. as we look at the first bit of proof that you all have been talking about, about the sewage running down the walls. now we're seeing it. >> yes. >> we have more video from you. some of the water damage on board the cruise. tell me how bad this damage has been throughout. >> it's been really bad. people -- one lady -- i think like two ladies slipped and broke their hips and it's very slippery around like the dining and eating area because the kitchen is smoking so bad in there that stuff is like -- stuff is coming out, the grease and everything and they are putting cardboard boxes for us to walk on and those are getting wet. it's just all bad. and now they tried to clean it up and make it look better because customs and everything will come on board. but it's been bad. >> sounds like bad -- it might be an understatement according
12:57 pm
to the stories that we're hearing from all of you. our hearts go out to you all, giving you 500 bucks, plus a free flight home, plus reimbursing this cruise, plus sending you on another cruise, if you so choose. darryl malone, thank you for sharing your videos and pictures here. i appreciate it. and best to you. jay, let me bring you back in. former senior officer with carnival cruise line. you've been through hurricanes. you've been oh a ship that ran aground. you experienced the norovirus outbreak. when you see these pictures that darryl sent us of sewage running down the walls, what do you make of this? >> it takes me home to the days of working on a ship. i tell you, i was on a ship where we would have pipes that would break and i've got similar pictures of carpets being flooded. you know, raining down from the ceilings. when i sailed on the "triumph" and we went through a hurricane, we had some pipes break and i've got pictures of water coming out
12:58 pm
of one of the ac vents in the ceiling. so, yeah, this rings true. this doesn't surprise me at all. >> jay, this is chad myers. let's suppose these guys are going to get off tonight, they are going to go home. what happens to this ship now? how are you going to clean this? >> yeah, so they are going to go in and we're probably going to look at replacing carpets, certainly vacuuming and steam cleaning anything that doesn't need to be replaced, certainly the mechanical issues are going to be addressed. i mean, this is going to be major overhaul and that's why they've canceled the next 12 cruises. >> maybe they just go 2.0 on it. maybe they go all the way. >> there's a lost things you can do to a ship when you are in port. i was on the "triumph when it was in drydock and they replaced the cabins and the hallways and took out a starewell to reduce some of the sound and noise complaints that they were getting from the disco. >> we're looking at these pictures, jay, and chad and on
12:59 pm
the right side of your screen, we continue to get them and thank the passengers for sending them to us. this cruise is getting closer and closer to the shore, the cell phone signal is improving. we're beginning to get a better picture. i'm being told in my ear these are sewage buckets. we're getting a better picture of what life has been like ever since the fire broke out on sunday. i want to ask you, jay, just about carnival. let me quote the ceo. let me assure you that no one here from carnival is happy about the conditions on board the ship. we obviously are very, very sorry about what is taking place, there is no question the conditions on board the ship are very challenging. if you're carnival, how do you emerge from this? >> you know, the industry is bulletproof and i don't think this is going to be any more than a blip on the radar for carnival's revenue or bookings. >> how is that possible? >> because oly

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